Soulja Boy is back in headlines this week for his triumphant comeback. If there's one thing Soulja Boy is unequivocally great at, it's going viral. Over the past few days, he's been making his rounds through the media while rocking a Gucci headband. It's not an uncommon thing among rappers these days. In fact, it's been an ongoing trend for a while. However, Tory Lanez thinks Soulja Boy needs to find another piece of headwear to rock.

Tory Lanez was among the many rappers to clown Soulja Boy for his "Tyga?!" video that made its rounds on the internet over the past few days. Although Soulja Boy seemed to only take issue with Meek Mill reposting the clip, it seems he didn't catch wind that Tory also shared his amusement of the viral moment on Instagram. Tory admits that he's here for Soulja Boy's comeback, but he does think that Big Draco needs to retire the headband he's been rocking.

"I'm all for what you're talking about Soulja Boy, like, I'm really all for it," he said. "But one thing though, that Gucci headband gotta go! That shit gotta die!"

Tory Lanez isn't the only one who noticed how worn down the headband is. Numerous people have stated that Soulja Boy's bandana actually won the 10-year challenge while someone else launched a GoFundMe page to get Big Draco a new Gucci headband. So far, no donors.