Tory Lanez has essentially secured his title has the sample king at this point.

The most memorable picks of his catalog have been remixes and flips of popular tracks that all started with his breakout "Say It" single which sampled Brownstone's "If You Love Me" hit of 1994.

With credit to his talent, the remakes have garnered him a substantial amount of success, but all the while have turned into something of a running joke.

Nonetheless, the Canadian-born singer and rapper has decided to announce that he's shedding the trend as he embarks on his newest album.

"Enjoy the remixes and freestyles now," he penned in an Instagram post. "...cuz the album has no samples/ Remakes / or remixes... And all my singles are ORIGINAL this time around."

Lanez's debut album arrived in the summer of last year. Since then he dropped off the Chixtape IV and New Toronto 2 tapes earlier this year.