Tory Lanez is for the culture, and as such, he's not above giving credit where credit is due. Though most artists are apt to answer "themselves" when asked about favored listening habits, Lanez made sure to shine a spotlight on one of his current faves. Taking to Twitter, Tory took a moment to praise Ohgeesy of Shoreline Mafia, signaling out the twenty-five-year-old west-coast rapper in the interest of sharing.

It's unclear what prompted Tory to salute Geezy, but one has to wonder if the praise will serve as an open invitation for collaboration moving forward. After all, Tory has made no secret of the heat he's got lined up, and a Shoreline presence alongside peak mixtape Tory should prove an unexpected yet undeniably hard pairing. 

Even if you're not into the Shoreline sound, it's cool to see Tory openly praise Ohgeesy without provocation. Even if it doesn't lead to new music, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of unity from time to time. What are your thoughts on Ohgeesy?