In the midst of all of the protests yesterday, Akon and 6ix9ine had the entire internet buzzing as they linked up for a preview of a new song. As many figured out, the song was a remix to Akon's smash hit "Locked Up." 6ix9ine was dubbing this song as "Locked Up Part 2" and fans are already split on how they feel about it. On one hand, some think the song sounds good while others are appalled that Akon would associate himself with someone like 6ix9ine.

After hearing about the collaboration, Tory Lanez took to Twitter in utter disappointment. As he explained, he couldn't believe Akon had given the "Locked Up" remix to another artist. However, all was not lost for Tory as Akon quickly chimed in noting that he would allow him to be on "Locked Up Part 3."

It remains to be seen whether or not this 6ix9ine and Akon collab will ever see the light of day. 6ix9ine is known to be a troll and perhaps the snippet was simply a way to go viral. However, if the song does drop, it will certainly be a chart-topper as many fans will be excited about the 2000s nostalgia.

Either way, the song will surely be polarizing.