With Memories Don't Die still fresh in our minds, Tory Lanez is taking no breaks as he continues to work towards greatness. It's one thing to make it in the music industry and it's another to stay there. The Canadian singer has had his ups and downs over his career but Tory is now enjoying major success as a musician. While Toronto may have once only been considered as Drake's stomping ground, Tory and a flurry of others have claimed the 6ix as their home. With a fully Spanish album on the way, the Torontonian is still focusing on the sound that made him famous, teasing yet another banger on his Instagram.

From the sounds of this one, it appears as though it could be the next big track for Tory Lanez. While he certainly has a capability for creating hits, his sound is still somehow undervalued by some as he consistently works hard to prove himself to everybody doubting his talent. Noting that he brings his studio with him everywhere, Tory had a late night working on the previewed song as he says it details the sound of Austin, Texas at 3:24 AM. This comes just a few days after he teased an upcoming single with Ozuna for his Latin project.

Although only a few seconds were played, this track sounds like it has the potential to be one of Tory's biggest songs yet with the booming bass and formulaic hook. What do you think of what you hear so far?