Tory Lanez is one of the most interesting artists in the game right now, largely due to his jack-of-all-trades approach to the industry. His long running Fargo Fridays series has consistently delighted fans, and his continued dedication to releasing fire-ass remixes to some of the year's hottest songs has kept him in our recently played tabs for quite some time. After the release of his debut album I Told You last year, he proved that he has the ability to craft a strong, major label project that houses mainstream appeal, tells a story and doesn't compromise the sound we have come to cherish. Not to mention the way that he blends his rugged street flow with the highs of his impressive falsetto. It's safe to say that dude really puts on for Toronto.

In all reality, Tory Lanez' extensive mixtape discography is somewhat underrated. Though many of us fell in love with Tory around the Chixtape, New Toronto phase, Lanez has been painstakingly putting out music, and has since accumulated an extensive and dope collection of fifteen mixtapes. Peep this ranked list of every Tory Lanez project ever and see if you find a new swave to ride.