It all started as a bit of healthy competition. Next thing you know, Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas were peppering their respective diss tracks with increasingly personal barbs. Of course, the bars remained hard throughout, but "Litty Again" and "ZEZE" both upped the intensity; it wouldn't be surprising if a few lines left either party feeling some type of way behind closed doors. Yet both Tory and Joyner are, as they say, committed to see this one through. Last night, Tory took to Instagram to livestream his reaction to Joyner's latest volley, the Kodak Black sampling "ZEZE." While some took issue with Joyner's beat selection, others praised the song's undeniably scathing nature.

Upon hearing the "how you almost sign to Justin Bieber" line, Tory lets out an amusing "oh my God." Once the drums hit, Tory confidently provides his initial diagnosis: "this ain't it, chief." He does, however, let out an incredulous laugh during the Biggie reference. Conversely, he remains notably silent during the plagiarism section, in which Joyner pinpoints similarities to "The Art Of Peer Pressure." It doesn't take long for Tory to double down on his "this ain't it" assessment, pausing the track to address Joyner directly.

Image via HNHH

"Did this n***a just say, why couldn't you follow in my footsteps and be a dancer?" laughs a high-ass Tory, who seemingly can't believe his ears. "I'm confused. It's bad enough that you a light-skin, pretty boy ass n***a but don't come here talking about how you was a dancer before we pull up the fun facts on your dumbass."

Suffice it to say, Tory was hardly impressed, taking a moment to encourage Joyner to do better. "I just want to hand you this fat ass L that you have taken today, Lucas Joyner," says Tory. "What you should have done, to be a buck with you...It was a showcase at first." Citing his "Lucky You" freestyle, Tory emphasizes that no disses were said; in his mind, his "Lucky You" freestyle was a direct response to Joyner's own "Lucky You." He proceeds to address their "Litty" duel, in which Tory securely proclaims the win (in fairness, "Litty Again" was a notable highlight). "It's crazy," reflects Tory. "I dissed your pops music career, I said he had a failed music career he gave to his son, I came for your personal life, I came for your city...You came back with things that weren't facts."