Tory Lanez recently confessed that he has zero interest in getting high unless it's from smoking weed, so if you see him looking particularly euphoric, chances are it's 100% natural. Unlike some of his fellow rappers, the Toronto native has never been one to rap about drug use in his music all that much, and it turns out it's because he doesn't dabble in that world at all, except for the occasional puff. On Monday (June 15th), Tory shared a post on Instagram explaining that when it comes to drugs, he doesn't touch the stuff, unless it's of the cannabis variety.

"Fun Fact: The only drug I have ever done is weed. I never took a pill, not shrooms, coke, acid etc," he wrote on some photos of himself in his dressing room. In one of the shots, Tory is digging around in a labeled plastic bag full of bud, proving that he really is just a weed connoisseur and nothing else. He goes on to explain that, because he doesn't engage in these activities, his happiness is the result of a blessed life, not drugs. "I say this to say...that when u see me happy, it’s because I’m genuinely happy about my life, fans, and legacy I’m leaving behind for my family."

Tory also recently explained his stance on weapons these days. On his IG story, he noted that, "I've reached a place in life .. where it's like ... if I have to bring my gun to the function ... I don't need to be at the type of function anymore."