Recently, Tory Lanez made an enigmatic declaration when he called out his label, Interscope Records, on Instagram. “If y’all don’t stop playing w/ me..Ima expose what’s really going on in that f*cking building," Tory wrote. Later, he responded to a fan's concern about his well-being by writing, "My integrity respect and the path of light that i can show the generation after me is more impotant than this life that n*ggas is so scared to lose." 

Gregory Shamus / Staff / Getty Images

He addressed his tension with his label during his chat with Drink Champs and shared that his team deserves credit for his successes. After saying that he wouldn't be with Interscope after his deal expires in 12 months, the singer made it clear that his label didn't helped much in the development of his latest album.

N.O.R.E. told Tory that from the "outside looking in, they're doing a great job with you." Tory shot that down quickly by saying, "I'm doing a great job with me. But we not gon' do that here. We gon' save that for the next Drink Champs." The Chixtape artist didn't go into too much detail about his growing beef with Interscope, but he did mention that putting together Chixtape 5 was a challenge that he embarked on without their assistance.

"I'm with a great team of people," he said before naming off those who have helped him grow along the way. "This album, the Chixtape, this is the album where we did this album." N.O.R.E. interrupted to say that the label must have been involved, especially with all of the samples that needed to be cleared. "We did this album," Tory repeated. "I called n*ggas. I hit n*ggas on Instagram. I called n*ggas. I found n*ggas emails. I found old n*ggas Facebooks. N*gga! I found these n*ggas." 

Tory added that he's "not saying Interscope is a bad label, Interscope is a great label," but only for a certain type of artist. As far as Tory is concerned, he's "self-sufficient" and loves to be apart of the evolution of his career. "At the end of the day, what it comes down to is that I'm an artist that don't need it. I don't need the machine." Watch his interview with Drink Champs in full below.