Tory Lanez has been keeping busy all year, whether he's dropping off a few singles or linking up with the ever-productive 50 Cent for an unknown collaboration. Yet today, the rapper is trying out a new role - sports commentator. While we're still waiting for Tory Lanez' Memories Don't Die album to drop, the Toronto rapper is busy lending his wisdom to the sports world. Today, Tory tweeted out a claim that's sure to spark some discussion, especially for everyone invested in the noble sport of basketball.

"I really believe in Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving becoming 2 of the most greatest players the league has seen this far," writes Tory, showering heaps of praise onto the pair of players. It's certainly an interesting claim, and not entirely without merit; still, people do tend to get hyperbolic when discussing the potential GOAT.

Sure enough, Tory's tweet was met with skepticism, with many people telling him to essentially stay in his lane. What do ya'll think? Have Russell and Kyrie earned a place in the conversation, among the Jordans, Kobes, and LeBrons of the world? It may very well be too early to tell, but both Westbrook and Irving are certainly elite, valuable pieces to the Thunder and Celtics respectively. Either way, it's cool to see Tory co-sign some of the more underappreciated stars, even if he is simply trying to be the equivalent to a basketball hipster. 

In other news, Tory Lanez' upcoming album has yet to drop, and a 2018 release date is looking increasingly likely. Stay tuned for more news on Memories Don't Die as it develops.