Pretty Ricky's Spectacular had better check his facts before he opens his mouth because, after accusing Tory Lanez of sampling the group's music without his permission, the Toronto native proved him wrong.

This weekend, Tory Lanez commented on the surprising collaboration between Akon and Tekashi 6ix9ine.

"So what y’all telling me is .... Akon gave the #LockedUpRemix / SAMPLE to someone else !?!?? And not me?!????," he said on Twitter after a preview was uploaded to social media.

Spectacular responded by telling him he should have just stolen the sample like he did with Pretty Ricky. Well, Tory had time today and he provided some receipts to The Shade Room.

Sending some documents to the publication to prove that he paid the writers and label for the "Your Body" sample on Chixtape 5, Tory Lanez got the last word on Spectacular. Apparently, Spectacular even saw a 6% cut of the money.

"Going to go back to minding my business. Y’all have a good day," wrote Tory in the comments, ending this beef.

The Canadian artist recently completed the terms of his deal with Interscope Records and is currently an independent musician. He is clearly educated on the business side of the industry, taking a few minutes to pull out the proof and schooling Spectacular.