Tory Lanez has been gearing up to drop his upcoming album in the near future. The Canadian rapper dropped two new tracks in the past few weeks and is gearing to drop his collaboration with Future this Friday. While he's gearing up to drop his sophomore album, he's been dealing with some legal issues. Today, he got pulled over by the police and decided to share his grievances on social media. 

On a video he posted to his Instagram story, the rapper documented getting pulled over by the police. The first clip he posted was captioned "The world as my witness !!!" as he showed police vehicle that pulled him over. He used the opportunity to let his probation officer know that it isn't his fault he's going to be late to the meeting.

"Let this be known, because I know my probation officer gonna violate. Ms. Probation officer, I'm gettin' stopped. I'm gettin stopped right now. I'm trying to make it on time but I'm gettin' stopped. Just so you know, don't try to blaze me" He said in the first video. He continues in the next video claiming that the officers are about to get his probation violated.

"Them niggas takin' so long, you know what I'm sayin'? They about to make my probation officer violate my shit. She about to violate my shit when I go in there. I'm tight." He continues, "How you get stopped on your way to fucking probation? It don't make no sense. I wasn't even driving fast!"

Despite the fact that he wasn't speeding, he says another officer got called even though the one that was there could've let him go.  Obviously a bit annoyed, he says to the camera, "What am I going to do to you? I'm one nigga in a car, my nigga. All my shit good, all my shit legit. Leave me the fuck alone, son. I'm already dealing with you niggas, like you gon' make me deal with you twice."

After the police let him go, Tory's seen with his head out the window yelling "Y'all have a good day," in his most polite voice before he jokes to the camera saying "Fuck outta here, nigga. I'm in these streets, nigga. Don't get caught up with this Twitter beef, nigga," before cackling and ending the video.

Thankfully, it seems that he made it on time to see his P.O. and it doesn't look like he violated his probation.

You could watch the full clip below: