A day and a half ago, a Canadian rapper by the name of Dax came out swinging with a submission to Tory Lanez' open gauntlet. Dax's diss record "I'm Not Joyner or Don Q" didn't seem to be at all based around any real animosity, and to prove it, he did offer Tory Lanez the following caveat before getting into his verse.

"Hey no hard feelings my nigg*
We gon' laugh about this one day
This was not murder, it was manslaughter
You brought it upon yourself
From yours truly
The next upcoming Canadian hip hop artist
Dax." - Dax on "I'm Not Joyner or Don Q"

And yet, Tory Lanez still thought it appropriate to hunt him down, even amidst the spirit of competition he had "brought upon himself," as Dax cleverly stated in the prologue. After amassing nearly a million clicks in just over a day, Tory Lanez saw to it - that its germination would come to a stop. Several media outlets including Akademik's main Instagram account have posted a video which shows us Tory Lanez stepping to Dax, and forcing an apology.


"Apologize, bro," Tory repeats before warning his fellow Canuck that "sh*t's not gon' end" well if he doesn't lay his arms down, once and for all. The postulation seems to have worked for both parties because as of this writing, Dax's diss record is still garnering plenty of clicks as he braces for impact, while Tory Lanez gains the "tough guy" points he so covets. How did you feel about "I'm Not Joyner or Don Q?" - comment below.