Tory Lanez ran into some trouble on the roads of Brixton. Nothing out of the ordinary transpired during the rapper/singer's club appearance. Seeing him hoisted in the air, with a coverless torso is something we've grown accustomed to. Tory swings for the hetero-female audience as much as he caters to center-left rap loyalists. By the looks of it, the crowd seemed was pretty excited to share in his song performance repertoire, save for one hater who for his departure outside the venue.

The unidentified hater can be seen in the video below wearing a fanciful peacoat. From his side of the guardrail, he insinuates that Tory Lanez is not welcome in his ends, which unsurprisingly produced a feisty response from the Canadian export. "Me and you, we can go into a room and handle it," exclaimed Tory from his side of the unobstructed barrier, the mere suggestion of which borders on the "sensational."


But Tory Lanez has been in this situation before. He's proven that within his skinny frame lies a reservoir of improbable feistiness, enough to impel him to jump the guardrail. Unfortunately, the Brixton hater sailed off with his peacoat flapping in the wind, sensing Tory Lanez would back his words with fisticuffs, his face the likely target.

So much for diplomacy among Commonwealth nations.