Tory Lanez continues to exude confidence unlike any the rap game has ever seen. The Canadian rapper has recently been embarking on somewhat of a Lanez Vs. The World tour, calling out names in an effort to stake his claim as the best rapper alive. It's been a tactic that has yielded mixed results of late, with a stellar turn against Joyner Lucas and a less-than-stellar attempt at calling out Royce Da 5'9". Yet Tory has decided to press onward with the same energy, more or less. Yesterday, Tory took to Twitter to assert dominance over both J. Cole and Pusha T, claiming that they were simply "not ready" to go bar for bar.

While the tactic failed to yield the lyrical engagement he might have been hoping for, Tory set his sights on another target. Taking to the IG comments section, Tory responded to a user reckoning that Eminem would make short work of him. His incredulity speaks volumes. "NOONE DUCKING EMINEM," he writes. "This ain't poppa dock off 8 Mile n***a!" 

Of course, you've gotta respect Tory's moxie. It's clear he has no fear for Shady nor his affiliates, having now shaded Em, Royce, and the little homie Joyner Lucas (who isn't signed to Shady, but still feels close to the label). It can't be denied that both "Lucky You" and "Litty Again" revealed a Tory unleashed, and it's no wonder he wants to channel his untapped aggression once again. Yet it's equally unlikely that Eminem responds to the goading, unless, of course, Royce simply grows tired of Tory's perceived insolence. Do you think Tory could stand a chance against Em, should lyrical combat ensue?