Rising Canadian hip hop star Tory Lanez was rumored to have gone"Worldstar" in a fight video. Worldstarhiphop clowned Lanez claiming he was throwing hands in a drunken stupor. The viral clip forced the "LUV" artist to dispel all claims that he was the street fighter in question.

The video shows a Tory Lanez-lookalike failing to get a clean hit on his opponent in a strange street brawl. The would-be fighter even falls flat on his ass trying to punch a guy who seems to pay him no mind. He pursues men assaulting what looks to be his friend. His second haymaker is another comical swing and a miss. The whole video ends like a Tom and Jerry chase. 

Although Lanez denied the rumor, the damage had already been done. The clip elicited guffaws across Twitter as users dragged him for his alleged poor fighting skills. To be fair, the guy doesn't even look like Lanez. Besides, the rapper would have a better entourage to protect him in case something like this ever happened. Still, we pulled a list of the funniest jokes out there for your entertainment.