Tory Lanez definitely has some buzz behind his name at the moment. Following the release of his r'n'b flavored Chixtape 2, the rapper-slash-singer appeared as a featured artist on YG's debut album My Krazy Life, plus he's been busy touring with G-Eazy & Rockie Fresh. We caught up with Tory while he was on the road with G-Eazy and Rockie Fresh, to find out about the YG collaboration "Me & My Bitch", his relationship with both G-Eazy and Rockie Fresh, among other things.

As Tory stated off the bat, being featured on My Krazy Life was a great look considering it was his first album placement. The rapper tells us the story of he got the call, and reveals that he was actually on a version of "Who Do You Love" before he did the "Me & My Bitch" record. 

"I mean it's my first album placement-- I'm very, very happy," Tory tells HotNewHipHop. "You know God blessed me with a certain talent and with the opportunity to be on his album. I mean hopefully the next time I land on the album it won't be something so explicit, you feel me? But I think..when we were in Atlanta..It was crazy, one day it was 3 PM in the afternoon and I was in Florida and I was chilling with my girlfriend at the time, and I get a call from my manager. And he's like, 'yo, 5 o'clock, you got a flight, straight to Atlanta, they gon' put you in the W', I was like, 'hell ya nigga.'" 

The singer continued, "So yeah I went out there, I went in the studio and laid a couple of records down. It's actually funny 'cause I did "Who Do You Love" before I did "Me & My Bitch", it was actually called "Hit A Lick", we was feeling that shit but I guess we switched that joint up. Then we did "Me & My Bitch." It was crazy 'cause the A&R Sickamore was there, and he was talking about the album and what it had and it was missing, and he kept saying, 'the album is just missing that me and my bitch record, like from back in the day, it has that whole California story, it's just missing that record.' So I called it "Me & My Bitch" and gave him exactly what he was missing. Hopefully people think it's one of the best...I think it is."

Check out the rest of our interview with Tory Lanez below.