Last night, Jacquees was a special guest performer during Drake and Tory Lanez' concert, performing a slew of his songs and earning the most positive fan reaction when he sang his remix of Ella Mai's "Trip." You may recall that last year, a big to-do was made about the song after it was removed from YouTube and SoundCloud with Mustard and Ella Mai implying that they had no interest in somebody else making money off of their song. The tide has turned and Jacquees and Ella Mai seemingly made nice over the winter but last night, emotions were at a new high after Ella Mai tweeted out some shade when the R&B singer covered her song at a live show.

"I’d be so embarrassed if someone brung me on stage and the only thing i could sing was someone elses song because nobody knew my actual music," wrote the "Boo'd Up" hitmaker on her social media. While she may not be calling out Jacquees by name, the timing lines up perfectly with the live performance so fans are safely assuming that she's shading the remix king. 

Tory Lanez was the man who brought out Jacquees in the first place and he shot back in his friend's honor, telling Ella Mai that he doesn't even enjoy performing the remix. "I brought my lil brother out to HIS OWN SHIT," wrote the Canadian rapper. "My n***a ain’t even wanna perform the remix .. matter fact he hate performing it ... But I put him on the spot . Cuz I figured we was in London at the O2, 30,000 in the stands and bunch of kids was asking for the REMIX . On another note @jacquees U killed ALL the songs u performed tonight ! Keep shining my n***a !"

Which side do you stand on? Ella Mai or Jacquees?