Tory Lanez has already offered the game so much, be it a collection of albums, the debaucherous reprieve from boredom that is Quarantine Radio, the list goes on. And yet, there remains more he seeks to offer. Perhaps irreparably stricken by the Instagram Live bug, Tory has offered up an interesting pitch. A seminar on the music business, detailing his experiences navigating the rap game. 

Tory Lanez

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

"WOULD U LIKE A SEMINAR ON MUSIC ?" he asks, opening the floor to his loyal followers. "TO MY FANS ONLY. I was thinking of going live one day , and putting all my upcoming artist .. and peers on to some game about the BUSINESS SIDE OF MUSIC , and how they can make the smartest decisions and avoid the bad ones ... I think it would give y’all ALOT of insight."

Given that Tory has recently found himself enjoying the benefits of independence, it would certainly be interesting to hear some of his perspectives. Following the release of The New Toronto 3, Tory was released from his contract with Interscope, and proceeded to tease some of the best music of his career. And from the sound of it, he's planning on shaking things up in a major way with his next three albums. Should you be interested in hearing some gems from Tory Lanez, hit his IG page with your support; it would certainly be interesting to hear what he has to say on the industry he's come to know so well.