Toronto megastar Drake shocked the world when he released a brand new freestyle on Christmas Eve, delivering "War" and taking no prisoners. Adopting a new accent based on his ties to the United Kingdom, people were unsure of how to react to the artist's new display. On the cut, he discusses his relationship with The Weeknd in detail, noting that there's no beef between the two Canadians. While they previously fought, Drake has been squashing feuds left and right, also making nice with Tory Lanez in recent years. That doesn't mean that some friendly banter between the two stars isn't welcome though. After posting a series of photographs from his video shoot, Drake was met with a heavy roast courtesy of Tory Lanez, who clowned Drake to high heaven for his outfit.

All bundled up in his winter jacket on the slopes, Drake covered up his face and, in Tory Lanez' eyes, he looked like a popular figure in pop culture. Commenting on the image series, Lanez trolled his mans with a quick remark, insulting the platinum star's swag. "N***a look like the white power ranger In that last pic," he wrote. In his defense, he kind of does resemble a Power Ranger there.

You love to see this kind of one-eighty flip for Tory and Drake. These two legitimately hated each other a few years back so for them to be on such playful terms is beautiful.