Tory Lanez made headlines over the weekend after video footage surfaced of the Canadian rapper seemingly involved in a brawl in Miami. The rapper was seen outside of LIV nightclub, throwing a couple blows, before reports suggested that Lanez' was detained by police. The rapper has since broken his silence on the subject and clarified that he wasn't actually involved.

Tory Lanez took to his Instagram Live to make it clear that he didn't initiate the altercation outside of LIV nightclub. However, he did reveal that because the mayhem was surrounding his car, he tried to clear the way but things escalated quickly.

"I came out the fuckin' place. Bunch of n***as start fuckin' fightin' around my car and shit," he recalled. "I'm in the fuckin' car and all of a sudden, n***as bangin' on my fuckin doors."

Tory revealed that people began to actually fight on his car which he said drove him to get out of his vehicle.

"I get out my car and these n***as -- no disregard, n***as fighting on my shit," he said before explaining that he had a licensed weapon inside of his vehicle in his side panel. "I open the door, and I guess somebody see the thing so some n***a go, 'Yo, he got a gun in the fuckin' car.'"

Shortly after, the police put Tory Lanez on the ground before he explained himself to the officer.