Jacquees sparked a huge debate earlier this week when he dubbed himself the king of R&B of this generation. As you could imagine, that comment didn't settle well with many people including some of the legendary singers who paved the way for Jacquees. Tory Lanez may have initially defended Jacquees right to make the claim, but he's now challenging him for the throne.

Tory Lanez is now challenging Jacquees for the title of King of R&B. The Canadian rapper performed a rendition of R. Kelly's "Bump N' Grind" before calling out the Cash Money singer. "Man tell that n***a Jacquees to holla at me one time. Tell that n***a holla at me no autotune," he said to the crowd. 

This isn't the first time Tory Lanez and Jacquees got into a debate about R&B. Back in 2016, the two artists engaged in a short-lived beef after Jacquees claimed that he's in a deep competition with every other R&B singer in the game except Chris Brown. The two had a brief back-and-forth but ultimately squashed things later on. The two later toured together on the "I Told You" tour.

While Tory Lanez may have issued some friendly competition with his fellow R&B crooner, he recently ended his rap battle with Joyner Lucas. Fans seem to believe that Tory won in that situation, so clearly, he's feeling himself right now.