Tory Lanez' weekend trip to Canadian luxury chain Holt Renfrew ended with a big purchase and a necessary call out. Judging by a now-deleted Snapchat and tweet, it appears that Lanez entered Holt with the intention of spending some big money, but one particular employee made the assumption that he wasn't going to buy anything.

In a video taken while leaving the store, the rapper called out the employee, pointing his phone camera in his direction. "Say hello. Yeah, we balled out your shit," he said. "We walked in the store… he ain’t think we was gonna buy nothing. We Gucci'd down. We Louis Vuitton'd down... We everything." Meanwhile, the caption of the snap reveals that Lanez spent $35,000 in spite of the worker "play[ing him] like [he] was broke."

In further tweets, Tory revealed that he made sure another employee was given commission for the large purchase. When asked by a fan if the employee who earned the sale was black, Tory confirmed that he was. The employee who discriminated against Lanez was white.

Judging by his emoji selection throughout, Lanez seemed pretty happy with the revenge he was able to exact on the staffer. Still, Holt Renfrew has a lot of explaining to do following Lanez' experience. As of publication, they have yet to respond.