Tory Lanez has been on a mission to prove that he's one of the best rappers alive. While he said that it's out of the sport of hip-hop, the rapper's been running his mouth a little too much, admittedly. The Toronto emcee took to Instagram today apologizing to his friends, fans and peers for his outlandish behavior in recent times.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

A few days after making Dax apologize on camera, Tory Lanez came through with an apology of sorts over his recent behavior, admitting that he's been on some "stupid wild shit lately." The rapper suggested that there have been some things in his life that have caused mental stress which in turn has caused him to act up. However, he said that he's in a better mind state now than before and he's ready to deliver music for his fans.

"Just wanna let my fans know I genuinely love and value you all .. I know I been on some stupid wild shit lately ... I haven’t been in the best state of mind and vibe for the last few months . But I’ve been doing a lot of praying & things have gotten great again .... ALL POSITIVITY from this point . And great music and content ! Last but not least just remember .. it’s always 2 sides to every story .. and sometimes it’s less fortunate for me to explain mine . Luv you all let’s keep winning together," he wrote.

Peep the post below.