Tory Lanez considers himself of the best rappers in the world. In his mind, he can do this better than anybody else. While he has issued an apology for publicly stating his opinion, he knows that he can truly deliver some of the greatest music our ears have ever heard. That's why he's apologizing for "dumbing down" his creativity during the last several years, promising that everything on the horizon will be special.

As he prepares to exit his deal with Interscope Records, Tory Lanez is not holding back on revealing how trapped he felt with the label. According to him, he lost touch of his own creativity and "dumbed down" his music just to have something to deliver to the higher-ups.

Tory Lanez
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

"This has been a huge journey for me and my fans and I apologize that mid way thru this, I had to dumb down my creativity, and not give y’all the 100% of quality in my music that y’all deserved to hear for so long," wrote Lanez on Instagram, confirming that his deal with Interscope ends after The New Toronto 3 drops on Friday. 

"The Chixtape 5 was the closest thing I’ve been able to give u that had somewhat of the quality of music that’s in store for y’all, at least up until now #NEWTORONTO3 a small taste of what’s to come ... I DIDNT PUT ANY PROMO IN TO IT ... BUT FUCK IT."

Although he doesn't clarify which projects he's not proud of creatively, some fans are assuming that MEMORIES DON'T DIE and LoVE me NOw are included.

We can't wait to see what Tory Lanez hits us with this week and moving forward. 

The New Toronto 3 is officially out in two days.