Tory Lanez has been making waves of late, having kicked off the rollout of his upcoming sophomore album. A few weeks ago, he adopted the formula that Kanye West once pioneered with GOOD Fridays,  which Tory went on to perfect with the long running Fargo Friday series. Tory's first Friday drop was the furious "Shooters," and the following Friday found Tory in his feelings with "Skrt Skrt." Tomorrow, he teased the release of a new collaboration with Future called "Real Things," and it's poised to be a banger. It would appear that each of the aforementioned would be appearing on Tory's upcoming album, and now, we can finally give a title to the project.

Tory took to social media to announce that his upcoming album would be titled Memories Don't Die. While the title is somewhat on the vague side, conceptually, it might suggest that Tory will be exploring a bit of nostalgic themes, or perhaps looking toward the future to examine his own legacy. To be honest, we could dissect the title down to the last minutia of detail, but it would no doubt prove a fool's errand. With his already released singles, Tory has proven that his project will showcase the many different sides of his personality, making it difficult to narrow down and sort of direct sound. 

So there you have it. Memories Don't Die is on the way, and a brand new collaboration with Future will be hitting the airwaves tomorrow. In other Lanez news, Tory recently had a minor, yet potentially costly run-in with the law. He was actually on the way to a visit with his probation office when he was pulled over, which could have potentially left him running late for his all-important meeting. Ultimately, he managed to get there in time, but not before delivering a hilarious video documenting his thoughts on the matter.