In these politically-charged times, emotional reactions are expected. Yet, when Shekinah Anderson got on Instagram Live and tearfully yelled at people looting and rioting in Atlanta, some of her comments weren't well-received. “Y’all done been in them folks’ store taking they sh*t," she said. "Them people got a family. That sh*t not right. They ain’t did nothing to you, Gucci ain’t did sh*t to y’all. Y’all can say whatever y’all want to say; they racist, I don’t wanna hear none of that sh*t. They ain’t did sh*t to y’all. Saks [Fifth Avenue] ain’t did nothing to you. They ain’t did nothing to you. Lenox Mall ain’t did nothing to you."

Tory Lanez, Shekinah Anderson
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

Meanwhile, Tory Lanez was firing off tweets about seeing celebrities and his famous friends denouncing what's happening within the community. "And to any of my black peers in this entertainment industry .... if your opinion on this matter at hand is ANYTHING along the lines of ' we need to blame ourselves ... and it's not the cops fault ' or 'u gotta look at both sides' ..personally from me to u ... F*CK OUTTA HERE." He added that people have been crying about "protecting these businesses of these huge brands and cooperations from looting" when they will in turn receive insurance money.

"WITH ALL THE THINGS GOING ON .... IM SEEING THIS LADY CRYING OVER THE GUCCI STORE BEING BROKEN INTO?!!?? THE F*CKING GUCCI STORE??!?!??" Shekinah was made aware of Tory's comments and the two engaged in a bit of a heated exchange when they hopped on Instagram Live together. She claimed that she wasn't upset about Gucci, but businesses being destroyed, while Tory Lanez let her know this all goes far beyond just George Floyd. Check it all out below.