South By Southwest can really do everything. In addition to providing dope performances for fans, it can also be a means for reconciliation. Back in late February, Tory Lanez and Jacquees fell into a brief Twitter beef that was started when Tory Lanez responded flippantly to a post from the new Cash Money signee. Lanez wasn’t having it when Jacquees declared that he was coming for every R&B artist not named Chris Brown, and Jacquees ended up calling the Toronto singer a “watermelon head ass,” among other things.

Fast forward to SXSW, where the two linked up and appear to have squashed any ill will that may have stemmed from their spate on Twitter. Jacquees posted a photo of the two together at SXSW, and although he called Tory Lanez a watermelon head again, it appears to have been in good fun this time. The two are on to bigger things, as they should be, and hopefully we’ll hear a collaboration between the two talented artists soon.