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Tory Lanez & Drake Clown Tory Lanez Imposter

  Jan 02, 2018 16:48
Drake chimes in on Tory Lanez' impersonator.

There's pros and cons that come along with being famous. For pros, you're likely to get a whole lot of free stuff and getting money. For cons, you're likely going to have to deal with impersonators. Such was the case for Tory Lanez who recently hit Instagram to share a video of someone who looks eerily similar to him.

Tory Lanez hit Instagram earlier today to share a series of videos of a guy pretending to be him. "YOO this fame shit getting too crazy 🤦🏽‍♂️ @theshiggyshow These 2 niggas was acting like they was me and @writtenbyray the whole weekend 😂😂 it’s 2018 ... NIGGAS HAVE TO CHILL," he captioned the video. The videos he posted show a guy that looks very similar to Lanez being approached by two other guys who "fan" out and continue to yell out "Litty Again."

Drake later chimed in on the video in the comment section. "I'm done...he even had the "I get this all the time" swag on 100," followed by three laughing emojis. Tory Lanez replied back to Drake by saying the guy had the Tory impersonation down to the hand movements as well. 

It's interesting to see both Drake and Tory Lanez publicly joke with each other on social media. Last year, the two rappers finally made amends after months of throwing subliminal shots at each other. Drake also ended up bringing out on stage as one of the many special guests at 2017's edition of OVO Fest.

Peep Drake & Tory Lanez' comments below: 

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Faggot alert! Forgot to login to your Mr October account fuckboy

- Jan 3, 2018

OvOFU I Wanna Hear a Beat Like When Tory Collabs Wit Meek Ready for #Chixtape5 #NewToronto3 #MemoriesDontDie #drakeAlbum

Half Ape Half drake
- Jan 3, 2018

Tory Lamez should feel bleesed that king drizzy even spoke to his short shiny head ass.

- Jan 2, 2018

Drake a real one for giving Tory the time of day. Charitable act

Coffee Cake
- Jan 2, 2018

Drake vs Tory mixtape. Half bars half jams for the bit chess(method man voice)

- Jan 2, 2018

Tory Lanez is a Drake imposter

- Jan 2, 2018

Take care 2 is gon be crazy y'all. Tory aka drake lite might be on it. 🙏🏾

It was nice of Daddy to boost Torys social media following by commenting on his stuff. Daddy is generous

Faggot alert! Forgot to login to your Mr October account fuckboy

Playboy X
- Jan 2, 2018

impersonation on point damn lmao

- Jan 2, 2018

Why would you want to look like him he's not even good looking lol

- Jan 2, 2018

well if you already look like him and can get into clubs free or free stuff and have hoes trying to bring you back to their place, fuck it why not get a haircut and throw on a chain for some benefits. not like he got plastic surgery to look like tory

Glad they're getting along.

Johnny B Good
- Jan 2, 2018

I mean damn that nigga spot on look like Lanez lol. I agree with top comment tho we need that collab to drop.

I've been following these niggas for the same amount of yrs. These nigga's finally friends & I still ain't got a fuckin track lol. I don't want no r&b bullshit either. These niggas better fuckin rap & asap. I don't wanna see all this bromance shit & no tracks yet.

Marcy Hood
- Jan 2, 2018

Agreee. Only time I would like to hear a singing Tory/Drake is on hooks.

Who cares for these 2 culture vultures ? Niggas don't even comment on these fag's anymore, they started rapping in 2016 and both flopped, nobody makes music in Canada

- Jan 2, 2018

... lol

Do you even read your comments before clicking post?

Wiz khareefer
- Jan 2, 2018

Wait a FUCKIN minute, sooo, the 6fraud impersonator, has an impersonator, and the 6fraud is supporting his impersonator for having an impersonator? I think my head hurts, from all this stupid.

Master Roshi
- Jan 2, 2018

Don’t think too hard bruh

List of artists that drake has made famous With facts on how .. 1 migos Drake’s verse on the Versace remix made the migos relevant 2. Made Kendrick famous and ether him at the same time on buried alive interlude 3. Fetty Wap aka Fetty flop drake made him famous on my way remix 4.made Kanye relevant in 2017 for being on glow 5. Made tde by wrtiting all of Kendrick’s albums for him cus Kendrick pays for fake album sales drake created hiphop as well

Facts bro

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