Game 2 of the second round matchup between the Denver Nuggets and the Portland Trail Blazers ended with the Blazers winning the game 97-90 which allowed them to tie the series at one game apiece. The game didn't go down without any incidents though. Both benches ended up clearing with 45 seconds left after Enes Kanter checked Nuggets player Torrey Craig. Perhaps the reaction to Kanter's play was due to the fact that Craig had suffered an injury earlier in the game.

In the second quarter, Craig fell as went face first into his teammate's leg. Craig was left bloody on the floor and left the game to go get some x-rays. According to Sports Illustrated, Craig had actually suffered a broken nose. Instead of staying out for the rest of the match, Craig put a plug in each nostril and even sported a face mask so that he could come back into the game.

Craig would eventually go on to score a three-pointer later in the third quarter, although it wasn't enough to help his team get the win.

The Nuggets player will get just one day to rest his injury before the team travels to Portland for Game 3 which goes down on Friday.