Toronto's Luu Breeze Connects With 416 Block Boyz For "Scout's Honour" Video (Exclusive)

Alex Zidel
May 09, 2019 11:59

PREMIERE: Luu Breeze and the 416 Block Boyz unite to rep their city.

Toronto has effectively become the only Canadian city with a credible hip-hop scene, sporting talents like Drake, Tory Lanez, and so many more that have been bubbling. Those two men stand at the forefront of what's to come from the 416 but there's a number of other stars that are out doing their thing and getting noticed. Luu Breeze is one of the names that we've come to know from the city, coming through with several strong efforts over the years. He's trying to level up now, evolving lyrically, creatively and mentally before our very eyes. Today, Luu comes through with his new video for "Scout's Honour," premiering exclusively via HNHH.

The clip is grimy, using editing techniques to make the mysterious nature of Toronto during the nighttime stand out. Water leaks from the parking garage ceiling and lights flicker uncontrollably while Luu Breeze mobs in front of the camera. At times, he can be seen holding a baddie in his arms. In other scenes, he's more preoccupied with his money and the flashy whip behind him. The 416 Block Boyz join Luu for this effort, hanging out in front of the corner store and lighting up.

Luu has told us that his upcoming project, which is still untitled, will be releasing later this year. This is his time to shine and he knows it, saying, "Life is a puzzle! Each piece laid down will give you room to see another." Everything is starting to align for this young artist and we couldn't be more excited to watch it all unfold.

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HNHH TV Toronto's Luu Breeze Connects With 416 Block Boyz For "Scout's Honour" Video (Exclusive)