Riicch, a rising artist in the Toronto rap scene, thanked Drake for being there for him after his brother, Anthony “Fif” Soares, was shot and killed in September 2017. Riicch spoke with BlogTO, this week, to reveal how Drake helped him through the difficult time.

"He was there for me in the darkest time of my life, and I’ll never forget that," said Riicch.

Drake featured Fif on the back cover art for his 2020 project, Dark Lane Demo Tapes. The late rapper introduced Drake to Riicch before his passing.

Drake, Riicch, Fif
Christopher Polk / Getty Images

“My brother is very well known and respected in the Toronto scene, so when the torch is passed down to me, so are a lot of opinions and jealousy. I really can’t explain how I overcame it. I only can say I took my pain and turned it into positive energy,” Riicch said.

 In the wake of Fif's passing, Drake invited Riicch to play basketball in his Sanctuary League.

“When my brother passed away, a huge part of me passed away as well,” said Riicch. “I was in so much emotional pain that my stomach hurt for a month straight. It was very difficult to deal with.”

Earlier this year, Riicch released his debut EP God Don’t Sleep