Trump got a little taste of his own medicine today. Rather, his wax likeness did, as a topless feminist protestor in Madrid grabbed the brand new Trump statue by its waxy privates. The stunt was carried out in response to Trump's purportedly misogynistic viewpoints, and specifically, the leaked recording of him admitting his predatory means of courtship and how he likes to "grab 'em by the pussy." 

The bare-chested woman ran up to the statue as it was being unveiled during a ceremony at a wax museum in Madrid. She reportedly belongs to the feminist movement FEMEN, as the group took credit for her bold actions on social media. It took museum staff several minutes to pry her away from the statue, reports The Guardian, and they were eventually able to escort her out of a back door. Watch footage of the forceful removal here (NSFW). 

She yelled "grab patriarchy by the balls" while grabbing the nether regions of Trump's statue. The same message is written on her back. "Grab back" is written in large letters on her breasts. More (NSFW) images are available here