A Toronto rapper who has been on the run for the better part of the year has been arrested. Back in February, we reported on Top5, real name Hassan Ali, being arrested in connection to a January murder. He was charged with two counts of failure to comply with probation, three counts of possessing a controlled substance for the purpose of drug trafficking and possessing items valued at over $5,000 that were obtained by crime.

At the end of January, 20-year-old Hashim Omar Hashi was shot and killed in a parking garage. Top5 was arrested in February but was reportedly released under the guise that he would be on house arrest and fitted with an ankle monitor.


By March, however, Top5 cut off his monitor and had disappeared. In May, the Toronto rapper's charges were upgraded to include first-degree murder and he was included on the city's Most Wanted list. By July, Top5 was on Live Stream taunting the mayor of Toronto, demanding a conversation.

"You guys wanna link up? Call John Tory and tell him I f*cking want a sit-down for f*cking thirty minutes," he said at the time. "I wanna spit my facts, and he’ll spit his facts... I run Toronto, you f*cking goof.”

On Thursday (October 7), Top5 was located and arrested in Los Angeles. No other information regarding his arrest, extradition, or the possibility of having more charges added has been shared with the public at this time.