Top 10s are only exciting when they actually change. For a while, that wasn't happening.

Luckily, our Top 100 is getting more exciting each week, as we move further and further away from the incessant Drake domination.

Let's get to it. 

10) The Game ft. Diddy - Standing On Ferraris

Should we allow ourselves to get excited over The Game's upcoming album? Screw it, "Standing On Ferraris" is that good. This slab of old-school with a rant by Diddy thrown in for good measure made it in to the Top 10 in its first week on the charts.

9) Ed Sheeran - Say It (Tory Lanez Cover)

"Why? Why do we let this buffoonery continue?" is the appropriate response to just about any Ed Sheeran cover of a rap song. But the ginger troubadour actually put a little bit of effort into this one, taking it beyond the realm of "Isn't it funny when I cover rap/R&B songs?"

"Say It" climbed 82 spots to land at #9 in its second week.

8) Drake - Hotline Bling (Cha Cha Remix)

Nothing new here, folks. Move along.

"Bling" fell three spots to land at #8. Given precedent, this track will jump up 6 spots next week and sit right behind Fetty in its 10th week on the charts.

7) Drake - Tell Your Friends

It's really not good. But it really is Drake. And that's all that matters. Readers don't like this Weeknd rip all that much but it's still unkillable. It fell five spots to land at #7 in its fourth week on the charts.

6) Jeezy - Church In These Streets

NEEEEWWWWW JEEEEEZY. As someone raised in the South, you might as well have told me it was Christmas.

Speaking of Christ, we're digging the religious theme that Jeezy's playing around with. "Church" is part of his "Sunday Service" series, and we should expect to see new tracks every week until his next album drops.

This one came in at #6 in its first week on the charts.

5) Lil Wayne - What You Sayin

King Weezy's reign was short and beautiful. "What You Sayin'" fell in it's third week on the charts, dropping four slots from the top to land at #5.

4) Bryson Tiller - Exchange

Ooh, this is nice. Bryson Tiller's TRAPSOUL is coming and "Exchange" has HNHH staff and readers excited for the release. "Exchange" is a warbly piece of neo-R&B with drums that hit just hard enough to pull it out of Quiet Storm playlists. The single landed at #4 in its first week on the charts.

3) PartyNextDoor - Blasé

This track could be pretty great or pretty awful. We can't really judge until we've heard the CDQ version of the track. Still, "Blasé" finds PND going a lot harder than usual, which is definitely something we can get behind. The track came in at #3 in its first week on the charts.

2) The Game ft. Skrillex - El Chapo

You thought the horns in that other Game track were on point? Check this out. Even a relatively corny refrain can't bring the mood down on this excellent track that sounds like mariachi music run through Watch The Throne's production. "El Chapo" came in at #2 in its first week on the charts.

1) Fetty Wap ft. Monty - Jugg

Fetty Wap's new album is excellent and y'all are haters. Nothing makes that clearer than "Jugg," Fetty's next hit that has an inexcusable 55% positive rating.

It still took the top spot in its first week, though, because Fetty is unstoppable.