After a relatively stable week, the top of the HNHH Top 100 became the Wild West once more. The week was dominated by newcomers (even if several of these are new takes on tracks we’ve all heard), with only a few stragglers holding on to top spots.

10) Belly ft. The Weeknd – Might Not

Canadian rapper Belly proved that he’s willing to take a backseat on his own track with “Might Not.”

The track goes for a solid minute and thirty before we hear from the supposed lead artist, deciding instead to showcase The Weeknd.

The track comes from Belly’s pretty excellent new mixtapeUp For Days and the hype around the release was enough to push “Might Not” into the Top 10 in its first week on the charts.



9) Omarion ft. DeJ Loaf, Trey Songz, Ty Dolla $ign and Rick Ross – Post To Be (Remix)

The original version of this track has already dominated radio airplay for a few months, but DeJ Loaf pulling her best Trina and Rozay repping The Pharcyde gives this song new legs.

The new and improved song crept to number nine in its first week on the charts.



8) Fetty Wap ft. Gucci Mane & Quavo – Trap Queen (Remix)

This week features remixes of two songs that gained notoriety on the internet.

“Post To Be” owes its life to the spread of “eat the booty like groceries” and “Trap Queen” thrived due to the mystery surrounding Fetty Wap.  As it turns out, the remixes of both tracks landed next to each other on the charts.

The remix of “Trap Queen” removes the clunky rapping of Fetty for verses by Gucci Mane and Quavo. And even if the Gucci verse sounds a bit familiar, you can’t deny how good it sounds over Wap’s hit song.



7) Raekwon ft. A$AP Rocky – I Got Money

A week ago, this seemed like an interesting collaboration for Rocky. Given who he chose to work with this week (more on that in a minute), it’s seems downright boring.

Still, “I Got Money” is a great song from a surprisingly good new Raekwon album.

It fell five spots over last week but remained remain in the top ten for a third straight week.



6) Kur ft. Meek Mill – Never Before

Meek Mill and Kur both like to deliver their lines like they come from a time before sound amplification technology was invented. So, it’s entirely possible that this shoddy sounding track was recorded from a block over by a kid with an iPhone and a tin can.  

Rough production aside, “Never Before” is full of the same amped-up energy we’ve come to expect from Meek Mill. And it serves as a great platform for his apprentice Kur.

The track landed at number six in its first week on the charts.



5) Vince Staples ft. Future – Señorita

Vince Staples is known for a lot of things, but crafting banging street-rap isn’t one of them.

The Odd Future affiliate showed why we should never attempt to pigeonhole him on his monster new track. The propulsive Future “collab” was good enough for the number five spot on the charts in its first week.


4) Lil Bibby ft. Lil Herb – Better Dayz

This is one of the softest, most orchestral beats you’ll ever hear in a Chicago collaboration.

The diminutive duo of Bibby and Herb rode C-Sick’s excellent production (and some decent bars) to a number four spot in their first week on the charts.



3) Miguel ft. Wale - Coffee (Fucking)

This is the last of our “new” tracks. “Coffee (Fucking)” is a remix of a track off of Miguel’s three-track EP from last December.

R&B’s resident dream-popper grabbed Wale for a new verse over the reworked track.  It scored the bronze in its first week on the charts.



2) A$AP Rocky ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel and Mark Ronson – Everyday

Yes, that Rod Stewart.

A$AP Rocky rounded up a genre-less stable of all-stars for his latest track “Everyday”. A roster this varied has every right to churn out an absolute mess, but this track just…works.

It’s time to get excited for A.L.L.A., y’all.



1) Fetty Wap ft. Drake – My Way

“My Way” has been getting a quieter sort of buzz on its own, but this week’s number one spot proves you can never underestimate the power of a Drake co-sign.

The “My Way (Aubrey Edition)” snatched the top spot in its first week on the chart.