This week, only seven artists appear in our top ten. That's quite a feat, especially considering that only two of this week's tracks contain features. Usually, feature-heavy tracks perform much better on our chart, but of course, some stars are big enough to boost tracks on their own. A few factors contributed to this week's small inner circle: Drake's big drop last weekend, Migos' new album, Lil Wayne's "Reloaded" edition of Dedication 6, and A$AP Rocky leaping headlong into album mode. 

Drake and Rocky tie for most appearances with three apiece, and Migos and Wayne are just behind them with two to each of their names. New tracks barely missing out on spots this week include Whiite, DJ Spin, and Lil Wayne's "Til She Lose Her Voice" (#11), Rich The Kid and Playboi Carti's "All Of Them" (#12), Jhene Aiko and Rae Sremmurd's "Sativa" remix (#13), and Lil Jon, Offset, and 2 Chainz's "Alive" (#14). 

10. Migos Feat. Drake - Walk It Talk It

These two juggernauts meet up for the first time on a song that's not a remix (shout out to "Versace" and "Trophies) on Migos' newly-minted Culture II. "Walk It Talk It" didn't score that high with users (68%), but nevertheless makes its debut at #10 just a few days after dropping. 

9. Drake - Diplomatic Immunity

The recent Drake track that's not headed for an inevitable #1 debut on the Hot 100 next week still performed fairly well on HNHH, sticking around in the top ten for a second consecutive week. In its second week out, "Diplomatic Immunity" is down seven places from #2 to #9. 

8. A$AP Rocky - Money Bags Freestyle

The third of Rocky's three singles from the last week is a very rough freestyle over a beat produced by avant-garde mainstay Dean Blunt, probably an unfamiliar name to most rap fans. Oddly enough, the freestyle's just as wispy and threadbare as most of Blunt's work, but it's still Rocky, so of course, it debuted at #8 despite all the weirdness. 

7. T-Pain - Roll In Peace (Remix)

Kodak Black and XXXTentacion's "Roll In Peace" has been a popular landing place for freestyles lately, and the most recent artist to throw his hat into the ring is T-Pain. The only track with a lead artist that's not Migos, Drake, Rocky, or Wayne this week, this one debuts at #7. 

6. A$AP Rocky - Above

Oddly enough, the previously mentioned "Money Bags Freestyle" wasn't Rocky's weirdest or most unpopular song of the three he shared last week. That honour goes to "Above," an even more minimal track that lasts all of 81 seconds. This one only garners a 47% user rating but debuts at #6.

5. Migos - Supastars

Like Rocky, Migos are also usually-popular artists who underwhelm most people on the site with their more recent singles. "Supastars" was even less popular than "Walk It Talk It," getting only 55% user approval. It did arrive before the rest of the album though, so that anticipation was good enough to put it at a #5 debut. 

4. Lil Wayne Feat. Juelz Santana - Bloody Mary

Juelz, the only outsider on this week's list other than T-Pain, lends an assist to his I Can't Feel My Face compatriot Lil Wayne on the D6: Reloaded track, "Bloody Mary." Unlike most tracks below the songs on this week's list, it was a hit with users, racking up a 95% approval rating and a #4 debut. 

3. Drake - God's Plan

This is "the one," as they say. A Drake track that's catchy, picking up steam, and eventually (probably), wildly popular. "God's Plan" is a lock for a #1 debut on the Hot 100, which will be a first for Drake. Last week, it already debuted at #1 on our chart. This week, it's down two places to finish at #3. 

2. A$AP Rocky - 5IVE $TAR$

The only one of Rocky's three new songs with a beat that slaps in a traditional hip-hop way, "5IVE $TAR$" didn't initially get a great rating (62%), but after hearing two even more unorthodox tracks from the A$AP leader, his fans might reconsider. For now, the song debuts at #2. 

1. Lil Wayne - Big Bad Wolf

Some of Weezy's best mixtape efforts have come over the most minimal beats, from Mims' "This is Why I'm Hot" to Dem Franchise Boyz "Oh I Think They Like Me," and "Big Bad Wolf" is yet another entry in that legacy. This one comes in on Blac Youngsta's "Hip Hopper," and Wayne absolutely murks it. "Big Bad Wolf" debuts at #1.