As much as everyone loves to hate Young Thug, all that does his push towards the very top of our Top 100 chart. This week Thugger snatches up the first spot, but before we get to that, let’s see what the rest of the top 10 is looking like.


10) Majid Jordan ft. Drake - My Love

Has the Drake co-sign lost some of its luster? New Drake is almost always a ticket to the top. Comparably this #10 debut is pretty weak. (I’m prepared to eat these words when it jumps 9 spots for next week).

9) Migos - Pipe It Up

Speaking of things that have worn out their welcome, it looks like HNHH readers are souring on the Migos sound. “Pipe It Up” received an anemic 47% approval rating in spite of landing at #9 within its first week.

8) Chief Keef - Ain’t Missing You

It’s fair to say that Keef’s star has been fading. After putting an entire scene on the map, he’s been steadily losing fans for years. That’s a perfect time to do something different, but nobody could predict something this far from Sosa’s traditionally sound.

This tribute track could slot right in to any soft rock workday playlist. It hopped up 4 spots to land at #8 in its secondd week. Bang bang?

7) Eminem & Gwen Stefani - Kings Never Die

Stop it, y’all. It’s not funny. Why this awful track is on the way up is beyond us, but it sits at #7 in its second week.

6) Young Thug- Calling Your Name

The first of two Young Thug standalones on this week’s chart. While it’s placement is atypical, its rating is not. Readers absolutely murdered this song, giving it a 37% approval rating while it made its way to #6.

5) The Game ft. Migos - Everybody On The Floor

People want old Game back so bad.

“Everybody On The Floor” overcame Migos fatigue to become this week’s biggest climber. It jumped an absurd 22 spots to come in at #5.

4) Fetty Wap - Dat’s All Me

Fetty Wap will not let go of the charts. “Dat’s All Me” is still climbing in its third week, rising two spots to #4.

3) Future - Blow A Bag

OG Maco may be critical about his music, but our readers welcome him with open arms. The third track off of Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 rushed the top 3 in its first week.

2) Meek Mill ft. Drake - R.I.C.O.

The counterpoint to that Majid Jordan song. “R.I.C.O.”“ is still holding on at the upper end, weeks after DWMTM dropped.

1) Young Thug - Paradise

Let the hate flow through you. All it does is up Young Thug’s view count.

“Paradise” caught a lot of hate, but a wise man once said that’s a sign that you’re poppin’. No way that this is here next week, but still it’s something to see.