At HNHH, you get used to anything Drake does dominating the charts.

Even taking that into consideration, this week is ridiculous and unprecedented. Drake accounts for 7 of the top 10 spots, was the genesis of another song. Even the artist’s who weren’t directly related to Drake and his headline-stealing beef with Meek Mill are signed to Drake’s label.

In case “Back To Back” didn’t tell you, Drake’s winning, y’all.

Abandon all hope Drizzy haters who enter here.

Let’s get to it.

10) PartyNextDoor - Kehlani’s Freestyle

This track rode a Drake association and a tabloid-rumor-generating premise alone. Are Kehlani and PartyNextDoor an item? Are they making love songs together?

Who cares? It’s a great song. And it made it to the bottom of the Top 10 in its first week on the charts.

9) Drake - Right Hand (CDQ)

Such is Drake's power that the only person who can really beat him is himself.

This is the first instance of "Right Hand" on the Top 10, but it definitely isn't the last. The CD Quality version managed to chart in spite of the fact that 1) there is already a version of the song in the Top 10  and 2) it's a pretty mediocre song. 

At least you can hear the averageness coming in nice and crisp in this version.

8) PartyNextDoor ft. Travi$ Scott - No Feelings

Travi$ Scott didn't have the greatest weekend. But that was just the universe balancing itself out after he took part in this awesome song. Sounding a bit more like Young Thug is never a bad thing.

This track climbed 9 spots to come in at #8 in its second week on the charts.

7 and 6) Drake - Hotline Bling (Cha Cha Remix)

The CD Quality and radio rip versions of "Hotline Bling" came in...well, back to back. 

Unlike "Right Hand," the CDQ leapfrogged the original radio rip in its first week. Meanwhile, the ripped version climbed 6 spots in its second week to land behind itself at #7.

5) Drake - Right Hand

Please see #9.

This track jumped up 5 spots in its second week to land at #5.

4) Drake - Charged Up (CDQ)

What could have been the most disappointing diss of this whole debacle (until Meek dropped the ball so hard it traveled through the Earth) also managed to snag two spots on this week's charts.

The CD Quality version of "Charged Up" very nearly caught the radio rip that had a week's worth of lead time but fell just short.

3) Meek Mill - Wanna Know (Drake Diss) 

What can we say that hasn't already been said? It's rare that a rapper drops a diss track that threatens to end his own career. 

2) Drake - Charged Up

The OG of this track. Drake's track dropped one spot in its second week to make room for himself.

1) Drake - Back To Back (Meek Diss)

Good gawd. This song was absolutely brutal. It's not an "Ether" (or, more accurately, a "Takeover") but coming from Drake (Drake of Degrassi fame, Drake of Take Care fame, Drake of flip-flopping fanboy fame) it might as well be.

Meek still had every opportunity to chew Drizzy alive, but we'll never know what that comeback might sound like. This is the beef-ender and it definitely deserves the top slot.