Top Boy built a cult-like fanbase with only eight episodes over the course of 2 seasons. The show gave people insight into the hoods of the UK where things weren't all peachy as one would expect. Unfortunately, the show ended in 2013 but the demand for a third season was high. Netflix heard the demand, revealing that it would be returning for a third season that would extend for 10 episodes rather than four, like the first two seasons.

After the third season aired in 2019, the demand was high for the fourth season and it seemed damn-near inevitable that it would return. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 thing happened so every production, including Top Boy, was put on hold. However, the show's leading stars, Ashley Walters and Kano, revealed that their back on set for season 4.

"Yo people, what you saying? It's your boy Ashley Walters. I'm not gonna stay here and talk for long. I don't need to. You know what time it is," he said with a slew of trailers behind him. "You can see the mask. You can see where we are. Sno, we're obviously shooting Top Boy. You asked for it, we gave it to you."

Kano added, "There you go. Season 2. Netflix. Let's go."

It seems like just a good time as any for Top Boy to commence. The show was initially expected to start filming in the spring of 2020. It comes at an interesting time when countries like the UK are getting ready to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine. 

With Drake's new Nike NOCTA line, that takes direct inspiration from the London roadman, there are some solid product placement opportunities for the next season of Top Boy.

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