The long-awaited and much-appreciated arrival of Top Boy has sent fans into a frenzy, probably already having binged the first season that's being streamed on Netflix. The revival of the show is all in part due to Drake who streamed the show years ago and liked it so much he couldn't handle it being taken off the air. The series follows the intertwined drug and gang life in the East London housing estates and its connection to Jamaica. 

Ashley Walters, who stars as Dushane, recently chatted about the show and explained why Drake didn't make a cameo even though the role was there. Ashley chatted with Charlie Sloth on the latter and recalled a conversation he had with the "Money In The Grave" rapper. 

John Phillips/Getty Images

"It's touch and go for you," he said he told Drake. "He's such a good actor but will people let him shed that Drake skin? Is it right for the first thing for him to do going back into his acting career be Top Boy? Because people are gonna be waiting to kill him for it. Knowing how good he was and whatever, I just felt like—for him—it would have been best to wait for another time."

While it didn't take place in season one, the potential for it to happen in further episodes is there.