Fabolous' latest giveaway is not your average freestyle--it was a major statement. Most rappers, wisely, would shy away from such a beat--"Shook Ones", the lead off Mobb Deep's legendary The Infamous. But Fabo gave it a good shot. The best? You decide.

The original "Shook Ones" was written in '94, but it was the sequel, in '95, that blew up to become one of the biggest NYC hip-hop tracks of all time. Now, when you're talking "Shook Ones", it's assumed you're talking about "Pt. 2"; though "Pt. 1", which eventually landed on a deluxe edition of Mobb Deep's '96 album Hell On Earth is pretty damn good. Prodigy and Havoc's biggest song ever boasts some of the fiercest street-raps we've heard to this day, though the beat, produced by Havoc, is just as iconic. Instantly recognizable, if you're gonna rap over "Shook Ones", you better have something to say. 

Fabolous was far from the first to try his hands at the legendary Queensbrige instrumental. Here are five others who gave it their all. Take a listen to each, and tell us if anyone was able to body the beat. 

Of course, nothing's gonna top the original. Before you get going, let Prodigy and Havoc show you how it's done.