Last Sunday (May 17), tragedy struck the hip-hop world as Chinx, FKA Chinx Drugz, was shot and killed in his home borough of Queens, NY. Chinx was hitting his stride in 2015, preparing to release his debut album. He left behind a young family and countless friends in the rap world who had helped put him on a path toward a promising career. 

In 2009, after serving four years in prison, Chinx met French Montana through Harlem legend Max B, and the three of them formed the Coke Boys. Max B would be locked up the same year and remains in prison on murder charges. French and Chinx stepped up to push the Coke Boys movement forward, and though the roster has since expanded, the duo will always be synonymous with the imprint (now under both Bad Boy and MMG). 

The two went on to provide a New York renaissance with their refusal to cling to past limitations. They favored attitude over wordplay, and brought in Southern influences to a city that sorely needed new flavor. They combined their new sound with stories and slang true to their respective boroughs of The Bronx (French) and Queens (Chinx), earning the respect of the prior generation of NY rap royalty. 

We've taken the time to put together our favorite Coke Boy collaborations, which show off the natural chemistry between Chinx Drugz and Montana. Though French's recent work shows he's moving in the right direction, he won't be able to replace his right-hand man. 

After you've peeped their collabs, take a listen to our #RIPChinx playlist right here