Arriving with a movement that saw many of Hip-Hop’s die-hards questioning the genre’s direction, Gucci Mane’s significance both musically and culturally has been both heavily documented and proven since his debut Chicken Talk and Trap House projects. Since his initiation into the rap game, you’d be pressed to find a rapper from Atlanta and the surrounding area who doesn’t cite Radric Davis has an influence one way or another, and this influence certainly doesn’t fail to permeate beyond his city limits, as Gucci has rightfully reserved his spot among pioneers of Hip-Hop’s trap subgenre.

A decade and some change later, the throne he began to assemble during a point in time that saw Davis and other contemporaries like T.I. and Jeezy ousting the likes of OutKast as the reigning sound of the Southern capital only continues to fasten itself, growing stronger with every new project and guest feature. There is no shade intended at OutKast with that statement -- they were also definitive pioneers of a Southern sound as well, which, although may not be considered trendy (sigh) at the moment, Southerners such as Big K.R.I.T. help carry that torch onwards (speaking of which, where K.R.I.T. at these days?)

It’s no secret that, through out his long career, Gucci Mane has dealt with the fame in tandem with a slew of legal issues that have, in hindsight, only further boosted the rapper’s pertinence in this era. 2016 marked Gucci’s return after a two year-long stint for his unlawful possession of a firearm, proving just how far his work ethic goes, managing to still gift us with a mixtape and two studio albums towards the end of the year. This work ethic is nothing new, of course, making it difficult to chalk up the highlights of his exhaustive catalog of over 80 albums and mixtapes to just 25 songs, but we sure did try.

This celebratory Top 25 comes alongside GuWop's own celebrations -- the rapper is due to wed his fiancee Keyshia Ka'oir in the coming month, following the reveal of of their lavish invitations, he just got released from probation two years ahead of schedule, and finally, his friends, Offset included, threw him a surprise bachelor party. If these aren't all causes for celebration, we don't know what it is.