This Summer has been a wild one in hip hop, with veterans like Wiz Khalifa and 50 Cent dropping new albums, newcomers like Rae Sremmurd and Bobby Shmurda creating viral sensations, and Nicki Minaj's full moon eclipsing pretty much everything else on Earth. Now that we've hit September and girls won't be posting bikini shots on Instagram all day everybody's headed back to school, it's time to start looking back on the Summer that was.

Today, we'll look specifically at the best mixtape offerings of the past few months, going back to late April and early May, when you first started feeling those Summer vibes. We're counting down the top 15 hottest efforts-- not only does the overall quality of the tape factor into this, but the anticipation and hype surrounding a tape is also taken into consideration.  If you think we missed one or five, hit us in the comments with your picks, or get at us on Facebook and Twitter. You always do anyways.

P.S.- Curren$y's new release Saturday Night Car Tunes arrived a day too late to be included in this list, but we still dig it.