Following up last week's Top 10 of rappers who were bodied on their own shit, we're moving on to Yeezy's production. Expect a new Top 10 list each Monday going forward, and if there's a subject you want us to tackle shout it out in the comments.

It's been a long, crazy journey for Kanye West. From popped collars to bejeweled masks, we've followed along as he's evolved from the Louis Vuitton Don to Yeezus H. Christ. But it all started behind the scenes, crafting beats for hip hop heavyweights while plotting a career that would go down as one of the greatest. We all know by know what a great MC 'Ye is, but people still sleep on his production skills, and we know how he likes to be recognized for all his skills. So we're going to let you finish reading whatever else you were going to read, but first, KANYE IS ONE OF THE BEST PRODUCERS OF ALL TIME...and here's his Top 10 beats to prove it, with a few that just missed the cut. Praise Yeezus.

Be warned: this list is strictly solo Kanye production, thus all Watch The Throne/collaboratively-produced beats were not considered (so no "Sanctified" even though it bangs).