When shit hits the fan and conflicts turns physical, there is one phrase that, nine times out of ten, you can count on hearing. That phrase is none other than, "Worldstar!" No matter what you choose to consume, or elect to eradicate from your life in this digital age, to some degree, you will be forced to see a Worldstar fight video at one point or another. Even if you don't frequent the website, social media has made them ubiquitous. Often times, they end up being way more hilarious than they are demeaning to the human condition; at least, for the person viewing that is, they act as a way to vicariously blow off some steam, and have a good laugh (at someone else's expense, mind you!).

Much like the infamous fight video of two girls and garden shovel, which I can guarantee many of us, if not all, have seen. The video of the confrontation between two teenage girls  exploded all over the internet in 2015 and quickly turned into a viral challenge, an internet staple for years to come. Part of the reason the video got so many views was because of the horrifying nature of the headshot one girl took when her opponent threw a shovel at her, and then, to add to its virality, we subsequently received "remixes" of the video, including a dub to Kendrick Lamar's "M.a.a.d City."

Here's a clip of the original...

And here's a Worldstar compilation of what the video turned into.

Long story short, the guilty pleasure of many is watching fight videos, and Worldstar is the number one devilish supplier of this vice. So, in light of WSHH's undying dedication to providing the highest degree of coverage in fight videos, we bring you 10 of the craziest fight videos from the platform in recent memory.

From rappers throwing hands to random beefs being settled in the street, this list has a little something for every fight video connoisseur. Enjoy all of these fades we have collected for you. 


10. This kid went H.A.M. on his challenger.

9. If there is one golden rule of fighting, it's that you don't show up to your opponents house with it, at all, especially if you're really lacking and not with the shits like ole boy who ends up leaking.

8. Pretty sure we have all seen this one, but it's still just as entertaining the 800th time as it was the first. Bruh smooth hopped out the whip and slept to dudes then skirted off on some G shit.

7. There is probably nothing worse than getting your ass beat. Except getting your ass beat while being recorded by a group of people who all close in on you and shout "You got knocked the fuck out" as soon as you hit the ground. Ask this guy, he knows.

6. Here's another one that just never gets old. Rob $tone and his boys socked the shit out of this heckler. Kinda like how Rob socked the shit out of XXXTentacion... 


5. This convenience store fight is like nothing we have ever scene before. We wonder what dude with the dreads did to piss that man off so badly?

4. It's real out here in these streets. Point proven -- this video of a cat getting laid out with a street sign.

3. This is sort of a two-for-one deal because we have never seen anything like these restaurant fights. One is a knockout, one is a wild headbutt; both establishments have broken windows. I feel for the employees of these places.

2. It's one thing to get your ass whopped, it's another to get your ass whooped and disrespected.

1. This last one is a double whammy, because we couldn't decide what was worse. Between this head kick and the dude fleeing the fight only to get hit by a truck, these two vids are probably the most gruesome we have seen.