Ever since his debut in the middle of the noughties, Charly “Max B” Wingate has been an iconic figure for rap fans, and his prestige has only grown with time. The Harlem-born rapper first made his impression felt on the Diplomats capo Jim Jones' Harlem: Diary of a Summer with his drunken-uncle style hooks, and became an essential member of Jones' Byrd Gang team. Eventually, the two of them would fall out drastically and Max would find himself blackballed throughout the music industry not unlike one of his obvious progenitors 50 Cent. However Max was determined to continue his career, driven by spite against the Dipset camp and an undeniable amount of talent, he made partnerships with the likes of mega producer Dame Grease and fellow troublemaker French Montana.

In a time when New York rappers were increasingly becoming cookie-cutter tough-guys with reductive gun punchlines and no pop sensibilities, Max B's brand of 'wavy' beats, his undeniable flows and soaring hooks made him a cult icon, and his mixtapes would help garner a massive fanbase that would include future megastars such as Wiz Khalifa and ASAP Rocky among the ranks. Unfortunately, Max's career was often plagued by legal issues, including a controversial murder/robbery trial which would result in the rapper being sentenced to 75 years in prison. The prolific run was cut short, and despite numerous appeals it appears Max will remain incarcerated for a long time. Yet his music lives on, and the more that people recognize the brilliance of his catalog, the bigger 'the wave' becomes.

So here at HotNewHipHop is a list of some of Max's greatest hits. Unfortunately, Max B was the kind of rapper where you could spend hours debating what his best material was, with something close to 300 solo songs and numerous collaborations with artists from all across the country. So here is a selection of 10 classics in The Silver Surfer's discography, providing an overview as to what made Max B one of the biggest unsung heroes of the last decade for New York rap.