The interlude has always been an opportunity for an artist to switch up the vibe of their album and transition from one style to another. Sometimes they're musical, sometimes they're a humorous skit (or not so much) thrown in for comic relief. Hip Hop albums have had interludes for a long time, but they're transformed slightly during this current generation of the genre. The skit has almost entirely gone the way of the dinosaur, with very few albums featuring them. However, the musical interlude has flourished, even producing songs that are considered classics. Sometimes it gives the album's artist a chance to feature another artist that didn't really fit on one of the main tracks by having them go solo on the interlude, a practice that is increasingly popular.

Today, we'll look at some musical interludes that had real substance, as well as served to create some feeling on their respective albums. So let's sit back, chill out, and countdown the Top 10 Interludes of recent years.