Hip-hop dance crazes have become a huge part of our American mainstream culture. These dances, like the “Shmoney Dance” and the “Wobble” have gone viral due to sites like YouTube, Vine and Vimeo streaming artists’ videos containing them.

People all over the world are able to view these dances, learn them and spread the word by teaching others. It’s amazing how something as simple as a dance can travel so far and be done by several different people around the world. These dances, in a way, link all of us together and allow everyone to let go, be silly and have a little fun.

There have been dances that have gone viral from other countries as well, like Psy’s “Gangnum Style,” which was done by several people in the U.S. and worldwide. The newest one out of Japan though is the "Wakudoki," which was performed by the Japanese dance group World Order in a Toyota Asia Pacific commercial.

Dancing has always been a significant part of hip-hop culture and these dance crazes only preserve the popularity of dance alongside hip-hop. Enjoy this list of hip-hop dance crazes below, which include crowd favorites, such as the “#NaeNae,” “Harlem Shake,” the “Dougie” and the “Cat Daddy.”